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Reds Hitters Fantasy Preview

The Reds have some pretty good fantasy players this year, headlined by Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and then Jay Bruce.
Also can guys like Chris Heisey and Drew Stubbs emerge to be strong fantasy players? I think so.
Drew Stubbs.jpg
Here’s a quick look at what I think the numbers of the currents Reds would look like if the team’s roster remains the same.  I’m using the 5 statistical categories for most fantasy leagues (AVG, RUN, HR, RBI, SB)

C- Ramon Hernandez 130 games .267 BA 16 HRs 44 runs 63 RBI 1 steal

C- Ryan Hanigan 45 games .271 BA 4 HRs 15 runs 15 RBI 0 steals

1B- Joey Votto 145 games .317 BA 28 HRs 81 runs 108 RBI 9 steals

2B- Brandon Phillips 155 games .276 BA 23 HRs 84 runs 96 RBI 25 steals

3B- Scott Rolen 130 games .288 BA 15 HRs 63 runs 67 RBI 4 steals

SS-Orlando Cabrera- 154 games .281 BA 14 HR 78 Runs 60 RBI 16 steals

SS- Paul Janish 125 games .240 BA 9 HRs 50 runs 38 RBI 4 steals

RF- Jay Bruce 155 games .282 BA 31 HRs 72 runs 88 RBI 8 steals

CF- Drew Stubbs 141 games .260 BA 9 HRs 85 runs 41 RBI 33 steals

LF- Chris Heisey 120 games .278 BA 14 HRs 58 runs 48 RBI 15 steals

LF- Chris Dickerson- 70 games .262 BA 7 HRs 38 runs 31 RBI 10 steals

The left field spot can be hard to predict. I honestly like Chris Heisey to beat out Chris Dickerson and Laynce Nix who I see as the other two primary contendors. Heisey has great potential and has hit at every level in the minors and could be a nice pickup mid season off the waiver wire for some owners in deep leagues.
Less than a week until Spring Training!! Go Reds


Now or Never for Prospects

Ryan Hanigan.jpg

It is NOW or NEVER for Reds prospects to show that they can play at the big league level. The two most recent, most interesting call-ups are Chris Dickerson and Ryan Hanigan (pictured).
Hanigan is a gritty catcher who has already drawn some praise from Dusty Baker. He has only played two games thus far with 7 AB’s this season. He is known as a defensive catcher but he has hit a lot better this season hitting in AAA Louisville. His arm strength is also better since Spring Training where he fought for a roster stot. The Reds need a catcher that can hit and defend and it would be very nice if Hanigan can produce and actually help the team defensively and offensively.
Chris Dickerson is a speedy outfielder who should have been in the majors much earlier for Corey Patterson who is absolutely awful and GMs need to start realizing he is never going to meet his so called “potential.” Dickerson can run on the basepaths and provide the leadoff hitter the Reds so desperately needed. He also has great range in the outfield. So far since his callup he has 4 hits including 2 doubles and an RBI triple. I have no idea what the Reds were thinking going with Corey Patterson over him!
The last two moves that the Reds made make since money wise since the Reds were not going to resign Adam Dunn anyway. They actually got a lot for him considering he will be a free agent at season’s end. That being said this season could have turned out a lot better that it has.
Owner Bob Castellini has made it known. He wants to win NOW!. Then some players better get it together in the offseason and they better make some serious additions in the offseason. Spend money and more wins will be more likely to come. Go Reds!