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A Season to be Remembered

The Reds were the best offense in the national league this season. They led the NL in hits, Runs, homers, RBIs, batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage. You certainly wouldnt expect that team to get no hit. But they did.Phillips.jpgThe Reds committed the fewest errors in the National league this season. They shattered their own franchise record set by the Big Red Machine for fewest errors in a season. In fact, they shattered that record by committing 22 fewer errors than ever before. Brandon Phillips committed 3 errors all season. He almost equaled that Friday night in game 2 of the NLDS. Scott Rolen committed only 8 but he muffed the ball like a nervous rookie. 
Also everyone talks about not wanting to slow down the game of baseball with replay. Well the MLB needs to figure out a way to get their plays right just like the NBA and NFL have done. Because the fact is, this post season, they have been getting plays wrong. The ball did not hit Chase Utley by his own admission. He was out at second on a force from third baseman Scott Rolen, and by all accounts, the umpires cost the Reds atleast one run in a crucial game 2 in Philadelphia. 
In 2007, the Phillies were swept out of the playoffs in their first appearance in years. 
As Jason Stark put it, maybe some day, in October 2013, we’ll be talking about the Reds. Maybe some day, a team this young and talented will grow together to understand exactly what it takes to close out October baseball games it absolutely has to win.

But not yet. Not on this night. Not this year. Not on this baseball field. On the kind of gorgeous October evening they’d dreamed about all their lives, they went out and made history Friday. But once again, this sure wasn’t the kind of history they’d scripted in those dreams.

Go Reds!
Cant wait until 2011

Get A Game In Philly

No one predicted the Reds to be here, not even me. I thought they would be better but not there yet. Everyone thought they didn’t have the offense to go along with their pitching. They weren’t experienced enough. They didn’t have a star.

Well they had enough offense. Cabrera, Rolen, Rhodes, and later “The Bruce Whisperer” Edmonds led the way. Joey Votto was a star and will win the NL MVP award. Aroldis Chapman provided a September boost and Bronson Arroyo was as steady as they come.
I am 19 years old, and at times over the last 10 years or so it seemed like the Reds would never make the playoffs in my lifetime. They did and they have drawn the Phillies who are widely seen as the best team in the National League.

Reds clinch 42.jpg

The pressure is on Philadelphia, not Cincinnati. And it is very important that the Reds realize this. Dusty Baker will probably remind them of this as they go out before the raucus crowd in Philadelphia. If the Reds can get game one, then the pressure will really be on the Phillies, and a lot of pressure would be taken off the Reds to be the Reds killer Roy Oswalt.
They have played Roy Halladay well this year. They beat him once, and Travis Wood took a prefect game into the 9th inning this year as he squared off against Halladay. The Reds would go on to lose that game but not until the 11th inning.
So if the Reds can get one or two in Philadelphia, they will be able to come ome to Cincinnati with a chance to finish off the series. The Cincinnati fans will be fired up for something they havent had in 15 years. 
The Reds may be a long shot to actually pull it off, but man, IM FIRED UP!!
Go Reds! Beat the Phillies!