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The Worst Directed Team in Baseball

Dunn and Griffey.jpgThe writer of the blog District Boy is absolutely right. The Cincinnati Reds front office is now definitely the worst in baseball. If they think that Cueto, Volquez, Votto, and Bruce are enough good players to depend on for the future then they are idiots.
Let me just name a few reasons the Reds team and ownership is pathetic:
1-Corey Patterson is still in the majors. He could not play on any other team in the majors. Chris Dickerson needs to be in the bigs NOW because he could be the center fielder of the future.
2-Josh Fogg is still in the rotation.-Darryl Thompson or Ramon Ramirez ought to be in the majors pitching. They have paid their dues in the minors and the management needs to find out if they can pitch in the majors.
3-Walt Jocketty is just not a good GM.
4-Dick Pole is not a good pitching coach. Mark Berry (3rd base coach) and Brook Jacoby (hitting coach) also ought to be fired.
5-Brandon Phillips is great but is the worst cleanup hitter in baseball. He does not come close to comparing to Prince Fielder, Aramis Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Lance Berkman, Albert Puhols or Josh Hamilton etc.
6- They dropped David Ross who was also awful but was the best catcher they had. Javier Valentin has an awful on base percentage and you cannot even afford to put him in the field becuase he is such a bad defensive catcher. Ross could atleast throw out a decent percentage of base runners
7-The Reds need to build for the future and quit lying to themselves saying they still want to win now because that is just a LIE.
Their lineup the rest of the way ought to look like:
CF-Chris Dickerson
1B-Joey Votto
RF-Jay Bruce
2B-Brandon Phillips
3B-Edwon Encarnacion
SS-Jeff Keppinger
LF-Who Knows?
C-Ryan Hanigan

SP-Edinson Volquez
SP-Johnny Cueto
SP-Bronson Arroyo
SP-Darryl Thompson
SP-Ramon Ramirez
Shut down Harang and hopefully he will come back better next year. Good Lord! I say this just becuase I end every entry this way- Go Reds!-but I say it half heartedly

Reds Pitching Preview


The Reds pitching staff is one that looks much improved from last season, but it is also one with many questions.

The big accuistion this offseason was the addition of closer Fransisco Cordero. Veterans Josh Fogg and Jeremy Affedlt were also brought in to compete for rotation spots.

The rotation:

1. Aaron Harang-one of the best starters in the National League, recording 16 wins the last two seasons and over 200+ strikeouts both years also. Harang has to be an ace for the Reds to be able to compete. He and Arroyo have to provide a great one two punch at the top of the staff.

2. Bronson Arroyo-If Bronson Arroyo has a year like 2006 where he is able to almost win 15 games, the Reds would have a much better year than the 2007 campaign. Arroyo has to be able to locate his sweeping curveball and be effective at using the different arm angles which really can confuse hitters at times. When he is putting his curveball where he wants, he can be very tough.

3. Johnny Cueto-Despite being undersized for a pitcher, Johnny Cueto impressed many people this Spring, catching the eye of Reds coaches and other managers like the Tigers Jim Leyland. Cueto was always overshadowed by Homer Bailey while in the minors, but he has electric stuff with a fastball in the upper 90’s. If Reds pitchers in spots 3-5 in the rotation are pitching well, the Reds will be winning.

4. Josh Fogg-The veteran who came over from Colorado provides some experience in a relatively young pitching rotation. He is very steady, and the Reds just need him to keep them in games.

5. Edinson Volquez-Volquez was who the Reds received in the Josh Hamilton deal. Volquez also impressed Reds coaches in Spring Training when he struck out 26 batters over just 20 innings. Volquez also has a good fastball, but like Cueto is very young. If Cueto and Volquez are as good during the season as they were in Spring Training, the Reds might just be the favorites to win the central division.


Closer-Fransisco Cordero-The Reds big free agent signing hopes to be an anchor for the Reds at the back of the bullpen that struggled last season

David Weathers-With the addition of Cordero, Weathers will most likely be the man to pitch the 8th inning. The Reds allowed more runs last year in the 8th inning than any other team.

Jared Burton-Burton needs to be the other strong setup man besides Weathers. The Rule 5 draftee last year was big for the Reds in the second half of the season.

Many Reds fans expected Homer Bailey to be in the rotation this season, and he still might be. Others pitched better in Spring Training though, and Bailey will start the season in the minors. I think this is a good problem for the Reds to have though. It shows the depth of talent for the Reds when your number one prospect cannot even make the rotation. Bailey will bounce back, and there has been some discussion about putting Bailey in the bullpen since many think he has accomplished all he can in the minors.

Go Reds.