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Dear Mr. Jocketty,

Chapman Jocketty.jpgI am just a blogger and don’t complain to be an expert on managing and assembling a major league ball club, but I’d like to make a few observations about the Reds 20 games into the season.
The starting pitching literally could not be worse. They rank last in the NL with a 6.11 ERA with the second place team having a 5.40 ERA. That is a lot worse than even second to worse! So far the Reds best starting pitcher has been Mike Leake as he has the only win that a Reds starter has this season. Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo are making 20+ million this season, and a Reds club without those two would have some $$$$ to spend on what Jocketty sees fit. Since Arroyo and Harang have not been great anyway I dont think the Reds would lose ANYTHING if they were traded and young pitchers were brought up.
I think a lot of Walt Jocketty and I think with $20 million he can do a lot. If Harang and Arroyo departed, the Reds rotation would look something like the following:
1. Johnny Cueto
Mike Leake.jpg2. Mike Leake (pictured)
3. Aroldis Chapman
4. Homer Bailey
5. Travis Wood

Cueto and Bailey havent been great thus far but I do not worry about them because they are still improving and have electric stuff as long as their focus and concentration is high. You cannot coach the type of talent that they were born with.  Mike Leake looks like he is  in the majors to stay barring a turn for the worst. Aroldis Chapman….well we know about him. My opinion is that he is ready. Finally Travis Wood showed in Spring Training that he was ready for the bigs. He almost won the 5th starters spot but just lost out to Mike Leake.
This is different from Reds fire selling as they have done occasionally in the past. ALL of these players that would be coming up are READY for the big leagues. The Reds also have Matt Maloney who is major league ready when he gets an opportunity.

Walt Jocketty can take a lesson from teams like the Marlins. The Marlins have opted to stick with young pitching for years. Guys like Anibal Sanchez, Chris Volstad, and Ricky Nolasco have been given the vote of confidence by their managers and their organization and though at times they have struggled, they comprise a pretty good staff down in Miami. Youngster Josh Johnson is the ace of the staff and the Marlins brought him up early but he learned from struggles and is now a dominant pitcher.
Cueto needs to keep improving. He seems to ride an emotional rollercoaster while he is on the mound. He will occasionally lose confidence and concentration and will begin to overthrow. For Johnny, CONSISTENCY is the name of the game
Homer Bailey…unfortunately he was way too overhyped 2 years ago. Still though he has added a cut fastball and looked to be figuring things out last year when he finished 6-1 and was the national league pitcher of the month for september. When he walks guys and cannot throw strikes, he gets into trouble and works a high pitch count. Early this year, he has been plagued by leaving ball over the plate where hitters can drive the ball. When he can locate his pitches, he if awfully tough so for him the key if LOCATION.

I would really like to see Walt Jocketty have $20 million to improve the club. And a  rotation of Cuetto, Leake, Chapman, Bailey, and Wood would be awfully exciting. Up and down but really intriguing. Not to mention Chapman would sell some serious tickets. We’ll see. For the foreseeable future Arroyo and Harang are here. Hopefully they will be effective and the Reds will be able to win!
Go Reds


Now or Never for Prospects

Ryan Hanigan.jpg

It is NOW or NEVER for Reds prospects to show that they can play at the big league level. The two most recent, most interesting call-ups are Chris Dickerson and Ryan Hanigan (pictured).
Hanigan is a gritty catcher who has already drawn some praise from Dusty Baker. He has only played two games thus far with 7 AB’s this season. He is known as a defensive catcher but he has hit a lot better this season hitting in AAA Louisville. His arm strength is also better since Spring Training where he fought for a roster stot. The Reds need a catcher that can hit and defend and it would be very nice if Hanigan can produce and actually help the team defensively and offensively.
Chris Dickerson is a speedy outfielder who should have been in the majors much earlier for Corey Patterson who is absolutely awful and GMs need to start realizing he is never going to meet his so called “potential.” Dickerson can run on the basepaths and provide the leadoff hitter the Reds so desperately needed. He also has great range in the outfield. So far since his callup he has 4 hits including 2 doubles and an RBI triple. I have no idea what the Reds were thinking going with Corey Patterson over him!
The last two moves that the Reds made make since money wise since the Reds were not going to resign Adam Dunn anyway. They actually got a lot for him considering he will be a free agent at season’s end. That being said this season could have turned out a lot better that it has.
Owner Bob Castellini has made it known. He wants to win NOW!. Then some players better get it together in the offseason and they better make some serious additions in the offseason. Spend money and more wins will be more likely to come. Go Reds!